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Hot fresh pizza made just for you!

Many toppings to choose from. Come make your order today!

Its more than a sandwich..Its Deli Express!

We carry a wide variety of Deli Express Sandwiches.  Hot or cold. 

Fresh Brewed premium coffee

Fresh brewed premium coffee is just a short drive away. Many of our locations also carry an assortment of Iced Coffee flavors. It's the coolest idea you have had all day.

Fresh Baked Donuts

Fresh donuts daily. Breakfast is just around the corner.

Hot Roller Grill Items

Many of our Shop Quik locations offer a wide variety of Roller Grill Items. Tornados, Roller Bites, Hot Dogs, Cheddar and  Jalepeno. 

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Available at our Shell Travel Center 821 E Chestnut Street Junction City,KS or take exit 298

Shop Quik

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